Lexical topic of the week “Wintering birds” card index on the world around us (senior group)
Lexical topic “Wintering birds” information for parents. generalizing concept “wintering birds”; Birds are called winterers
Mental retardation (MDD) - causes, signs, treatment in Israel
Mental retardation - what is mental retardation? Mental retardation (MRD) is a child’s retardation
Technical regulations of the CU TR - what they are and how to apply them
Speech material for automation in speech TR-DR, R
On October 25, 2021, draft amendments to the TR were posted on the official website of the EAEU
Don't always say what you know, but always know what you say. Claudius.
Sayings of great people about the development of a child’s speech
Quotes about speech culture Speech culture is a concept that is often used in our work
Individual speech therapy program for a child with Down syndrome
Socialization is very important for children with Down syndrome, speech plays a big role in this process
Performing graphic correction for children with written speech disorders
Impairments of written speech (dyslexia, dysgraphia) in children of primary school age: scientific research into the problem. Part 2
09.24.2021 Dyslexia and dysgraphia are usually understood as a partial disorder of the reading and writing processes. But
pencil verse
How to develop fine motor skills (and why this is so important at any age)
What are fine motor skills and why are they so important? At what age to develop them?
Treatment for stuttering
Methods for overcoming stuttering in adults. Comprehensive system for the treatment of stuttering V. M. Shklovsky. - presentation
What is stuttering? First, let's figure out what it is and what provokes it.
Speech therapy alphabet for child speech development (3-6 years old)
The magical age from two to five flies by quickly, when parents are moved by any
The child listens.
Practical recommendations for parents on the development of impressive and expressive speech in young children
Article: Speech is divided into expressive (active) and impressive (passive). Normally, children speak two
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